Expectations from:






Teacher (me)

  • To prepare for every lesson.
  1. I will constantly make sure to offer all of my expertise to my students.


  • To practice the assigned amount or more.
  • If there are problems with what has been assigned or you feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed, please talk to me and we will make adjustments!
  • To listen during lessons. The student’s cooperation is necessary for maximum musical growth.
  • To have all of their music books and notebooks for each lesson unless otherwise assigned.

Parent or Adult student

        • Payment is due at the first lesson of each month.
        • If you know you are going to be away the first lesson of the month, please make arrangements to pay your teacher ahead of time.
        • Checks should be made out to Rada Culciar
        • Payments received after the first lesson of the month are considered late and a $10 processing fee will be added to that month’s bill.
        • If you unexpectedly have to cancel the first lesson of the month, please promptly mail the check to your teacher to avoid any processing fees.
        • Lessons canceled by your teacher for any reason will result in a makeup lesson or credit towards the next month’s tuition. To maintain consistency, make-up lessons are preferred and encouraged. (Note: Credit is not available for any lessons canceled by the student/parent. These cancellations result in a make-up only.)
        • Lessons canceled by the 15th of the previous month (2 weeks in advance) will not be charged.
        • There is a maximum of one cancellations per month. All others will be billed to keep the time slot with your teacher.
        • ** Students must maintain a consistent weekly schedule in order to keep their time slot. If they do not, we reserve the right to fill their slot with someone from the waiting list.
        • A lesson that is canceled with less than 2 weeks notice but with at least 4 hours advance notice is considered an emergency cancellation and is eligible for makeup.
        • There is a limit of 3 emergency cancellations per school year. All missed lessons past this amount are not eligible for makeup and will be billed.
        • Lessons that are canceled at the last minute (under 4 hours) will be billed and are not eligible for a makeup.
        • ** If your child is home sick from school please do not have them take a lesson! Your teacher does not want to get sick or spread germs from house to house – including yours.
        • As a service to families, I will try to make my best efforts to schedule make-up lessons into time slots canceled by other students. There is no guarantee as to when makeup lessons may be available. There will be a maximum 3 attempts to schedule a make-up lesson, and none can be accepted, the student forfeits the make-up lesson. (No refund/credit will be issued.)
        • Makeup lessons may not be used as a credit toward tuition in future months.
        • Two-week’s paid notice is required to take a break or discontinue lessons. You may give your two-week’s paid notice at any time.
        • If you take a month or more off ( including summer) you are not guaranteed the same teacher upon resuming lessons and you will need to re-register with the school.
      • REFERRALS:
        • We are happy to share our love of music with your friends or neighbors. Please have any referrals emailed directly to Rada Culciar.
      • FEEDBACK:
        • Our goal is to continually improve the quality of your lessons. Please feel free to email me anytime.
  • Practice encouragement ideas:
  1. Hold a mini concert the day before the lesson. This would mean that the child would have to play what they had for homework in front of as little as one person, or a room full of stuffed animals. Performing for the Studio Year End Show, or for the lesson.
  2. Use lots of positive encouragement and some incentives.
  3. Practice first, play after.
  4. Use positive constructive criticism. Always compliment first.