How to Apply Fine Tuners

How to Apply Fine Tuners

I just found this great video I just wanted to share with you all. If you want to put on your own fine tuners this is how to do it. If you have time to go to a Luthier shop, they can do it for you.

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  1. Can he read music? Or will you be teaching him without music?

    I would start off the lesson by asking him to fool around on the piano,
    and see if he can ear out a song. If you lose his attention due to his difficulty with playing, offer to play the piece for
    him to hear. Or start working on something else. I never could focus for the entire half hour either, and my piano
    teacher allowed some small talk, but never for more than a couple minutes.
    And don’t let him bring his toys to your house. (Or make him put away his toys if the lesson is at his house).

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