Amazing Practice Mute

Amazing Practice Mute

I use a few different types of mutes when practicing late, but I’ll generally end up with a metal practice mute if I need to practice very late at night and don’t want to upset my neighbors or anyone living with me.


This mute is great because it makes you so quiet no one can hear you play but yourself.  I also use it when I want to play with something off the computer or my phone and need to be very quiet in order to hear the music coming from the speakers. It is also great for practicing during orchestra breaks so you’re not putting on a show for everyone.


I just recently lost mine at a students house (lucky them) and ordered another because I love it so much.







  1. Yvette Gentry

    Whether I teach Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass, my students love this mute. This mute allows my adult students to practice without disturbing people. They tell me they practice twice as much if not more after they get one, so I’m very happy too! I use it at home too, and in the middle of the night no one hears me!The violin and viola heavy rubber practice mute dampens 70% of the sound while the smaller round Tourte Violin or Viola Mute dampens 30% and sweetens the sound.I wish this bigger Practice Mute had existed when I was growing up because I drove my family crazy with all the practicing I did! “Now, have you finished?” “Why must you keep playing scales?” “Is it really necessary to practice that much?” “Didn’t you practice enough after school?”To think all of that could have been avoided. :)PS: be sure to press the mute down all the way on the bridge. Students make the mistake of just letting the tip of it attach to the top of the bridge.Also, if you’d like something that makes your instrument quieter than this Heavy Rubber Practice Mute, sometimes called the Ultra Practice Mute, try a metal mute.

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